Jewelry that spreads love around the world


The Mala Spirit adventure began when Frank, its founder, decided to leave everything behind to go abroad in search of meaning. Before this trip, Frank had already developed a special affection for Mala necklaces, some of which he owned. When he returned home and found his sacred malas, something clicked. Mala Spirit was born.

Frank works with Soma Temple, the designer of Aum Rudraksha Designs. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Soma was encouraged by her spiritual master Papaji in India to create and distribute malas around the world, especially in the West. According to Papaji, if everyone wears the sacred Rudraksha beads, the world will be a place of peace.

The Rudraksha beads used by Aum Rudraksha Designs are organically and locally grown in their plantation in Indonesia. The company’s activities revolve around eco-responsibility and environmental protection. All their creations are made in the spirit of sharing love and peace around the world.

Traditionally, the mala is a support for prayers in Hindu and Buddhist culture. It can be likened to the rosary or rosary beads of other religions. Mala means “garland” in Sanskrit. It allows one to concentrate one’s mind in the recitation of mantras. After each mantra recited, the practitioner advances one bead on the necklace.

The malas always have a number of beads referring to the number 108, as this is a sacred number in the Buddhist tradition. They are made of round Rudraksha beads and sometimes other beads made of precious or semi-precious stones (carnelian, lapis lazuli, agate, tiger’s eye, turquoise, quartz, citrine,…) which have specific properties (appeasement, courage, rejection of negative energies, serenity,…) The mala necklaces end with a pendant (“guru”) and a pompom.

Rudraksha beads are considered sacred in Asia. They are sometimes called “Shiva’s tears”. The smaller they are, the rarer and more precious they are. They come from a tree called Elaeocarpus angustifolius which grows exclusively in South East Asia. These seeds are known for their protective and energetic properties.

Mala Spirit sees malas as useful for everyone. For yogis and yoginis who want a support for the recitation of their mantras during meditation. But also for people who are looking for an organic and ethical jewel (necklace or bracelet) that will give them energy, peace and love.

In addition to providing you with beautiful necklaces and bracelets, Mala Spirit is also a brand committed to social and environmental causes. Indeed, for each purchase, Frank commits to donate a part to charity. In addition, the manufacture of the malas supports the passionate work of the Aum Rudraksha Designs team. Employees are paid what they are worth and the company provides work for an entire village during the peak season.

Why we love this brand


As with all the other brands selected at Yoga Nest, Laurence was seduced by the values conveyed by Mala Spirit. The quality of the products offered is an important first criterion. The materials are ethical, organic and fair trade, produced locally by passionate people.

Secondly, the brand’s commitment to offering very advantageous working conditions for its employees is obviously commendable. Frank’s social commitment to donate part of its turnover to associations also shows the brand’s committed values.

Finally, it was the beauty of the jewellery that seduced Laurence! The shimmering colours of the bracelets and necklaces and the benefits of the stones used make them talismans to be carried at all times.