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Black lava stone bracelet with a golden Buddha head.

Also known as basalt, lava rock is actually volcanic magma cooled by contact with air. This rock thus contains the energies of earth and fire. It diffuses a gentle and benevolent warmth to all those who come into contact with it. Lava stone brings a sense of calm.

This lovely Lava Stone Buddha bracelet can be worn by him and her. 

This Buddhist jewel of natural volcanic stones is a true anti-stress therapy. The power of its soothing stones and its chic, modern style will bring you a trendy, elegant look and positive energy.


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Noble bracelet made of lava stones with a gold Buddha. It is suitable for both men and women. 

Golden Buddha bracelet has a circumference of 19 cm. It is made of lava stones and a golden Buddha head.

The Buddha is a powerful Feng Shui symbol of protection and spiritual balance. It brings joy, happiness, support and prosperity to everything around it. He will give you a feeling of absolute peace and relaxation. He is an “awakened being”, who has opened his consciousness and freed himself from all faults and hindrances. The Buddha has immense compassion and impartiality. He is non-judgmental and gives help to those who ask without any discrimination.

Lava stone is a rooting stone connecting to the earth. It provides stability and protection during times of change and doubt. It helps dissipate anger and gives mental and physical strength in difficult situations.

The benefits of the lava stone bracelet are many. Reduced nervous tension, muscle relaxation and overall calming of the body are just a few examples. On an emotional level, it calms anger and soothes excited tempers. The rough aspect of the stone contrasts with the softness and warmth it contains. It brings courage, self-confidence and strength. 

This beautiful piece of costume jewellery will grace all your outfits with elegance, while giving you all its benefits throughout the day. The Buddha will bring you his spiritual support in any occasion.

Care instructions
If you wish to clean your jewellery, we recommend:

  • To use lukewarm water and some mild washing-up liquid
  • Use a fine, non-scratching, lint-free cloth and/or a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry
  • Then rinse thoroughly with running water until there is no soap residue
  • Finally pat gently and let dry.

When you are not wearing the jewellery, keep it in a dry place and away from light.

To ensure that you can enjoy your jewellery for longer, we recommend that you always take it off when you take a shower or bath. It is also not recommended to wear it at the beach, in salt or chlorinated water.

It is also advisable to remove your jewellery when doing physical work such as gardening, sports or manual labour, to prevent it from getting dirty or catching on something.

It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yang styles of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa-Flow, Ashtanga, Power…) Yoga nidra, Meditation, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the go, Mindfulness,Streetwear, Casual wear, On the way to the studio, Cocooning at home
Why we love it
Made with lava stones, this bracelet gives us strength and courage. We appreciate wearing a stone thathas many virtues to accompany us in the present moment, in joy and good humour.

In addition to its benefits, this jewel is beautiful. Each of its beads is unique. The buddha is gold in colour. This gives brightness, positivity. 

The lava stone bracelet is a popular piece of jewellery for both men and women for its quirky yet elegant look. It can be worn for all occasions and looks great on our wrist.

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