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High quality cork matting. Made of natural materials for a perfect grip.

Ideal for your yoga, pilates, relaxation and other movement activities. This 100% natural cork and rubber mat offers a total grip throughout your session, to hold and link positions. Its thickness of 5 mm offers a great comfort to all practices. It is non-slippery.

Right in the centre of the mat a beautiful OM mandala is printed. The symbol Aum (or Om) is a sign from the Hindu religion. It has a very deep meaning that goes far beyond mere religious belief. According to Buddhist beliefs, Om is a sign that contains all the secrets of the universe within itself. Om represents the abstract, that which passes through us and beyond us. It also represents all matter and energies, it is both very tangible and completely evanescent. Om is the All and the Nothing.

Recommended for all yoga practices, even the most intensive ones. This mat is as comfortable as it is inspiring.

It comes with a carrying strap.



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The Mandala OM yoga mat is welcoming, warm and comfortable.

With a length of 183 cm and a width of 66 cm, this yoga mat is larger than most conventional yoga mats. The 5mm height ensures optimal cushioning on any surface so you never get hurt.

The underside of the cork yoga mat is made of durable 4.5 mm natural rubber. This is why the mat has non-slip properties. The upper side is made of 100% natural cork. This high quality material is a natural antibacterial. It is therefore very easy to clean.

The combination of natural rubber and cork ensures a good grip during exercises, as well as a pleasant feeling during the relaxation phases.

Cork is a soft material, so you can store your mat while rolling it and especially without any risk of damaging it.

It has an insulating effect that gives it a pleasant temperature all the time. This is a great advantage, especially on cold floors. 

All mats in Yoga Boutique’s Cork range are free of PVC, silicone and phthalates (plasticisers). The brand also highlights the fact that they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

On this yoga mat, the Om symbol is drawn and surrounded by a beautiful mandala.

Om̐ comes from the fusion of the phonemes sanskritA, U and M:

  1. A represents the beginning, birth, and creator godBrahmā
  2. U represents continuation, life, and the god Vishnu
  3. M represents the end, death, and the destructive god Shiva

It is the broadest and highest symbol of Hindu spiritual knowledge, a sacred syllable.

In addition, during the practice of yoga, the sound Om is frequently made. This represents the universal and primordial sound, and is meaningful in yoga practice. It is also often called the pranava mantra. Beyond making the vocal cords vibrate, Om has real virtues for the body.  It makes the rib cage vibrate and the inside of the body vibrate to the sound of it.

Here are some tips to offer a long life to your yoga mat:

  • Try to always put it in a dry place and away from light. It is handy to be able to store it in a carpet bag.
  • To clean your carpet and try to remove stains, first wipe it with a soft damp cloth. Afterwards, spray it with a specific yoga mat spray and lay it out to dry
Types of activities
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, Flow yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yoga nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Iyengar yoga, Aerial yoga, Pilates, Stretching
Why we love this product
We love this yoga mat that we can take everywhere with us. It rolls up easily and comes with a strap for easy transport.

We appreciate the cork that gives a splendid natural feel to this item from Yoga Boutique. In addition, this material, chosen by Yoga Boutique to be of high quality, is incredible: it has anti-slip properties and is very easy to maintain.

We are inspired by the Om symbol and the surrounding mandala, the fineness of the patterns is soft and pleasing to the eye, and we appreciate every day having a mat that supports us in our practice and conveys a message in line with our thinking.

Besides, the Mandala OM meditation cushion from Yoga Boutique fits perfectly.

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The brand

Yoga Boutique – Exclusive, functional and ethical yoga products

Yoga Boutique is a Swiss family owned start-up, born in 2018. Their range is carefully selected: yoga mats made from sustainable materials, beautiful meditation cushions, super comfortable yoga clothes for everyone. The products are designed directly by the founders and are therefore exclusive. Special care is given to the provenance of materials, designs and functionality.

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Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 183 × 66 × 0.5 cm





Liège 100% naturel et caoutchouc naturel durable


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