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100% committed and suitable for a vegan lifestyle, the Yogamata yoga and exercise mat is the number 1 choice for anyone who wants their mat to be 100% ethical and eco-responsible.

  • * Practice surface (upper) is 100% cork from sustainably managed forests in the Alentejo region of Portugal
  • * Underlay made from recycled rubber (from the shoe industry in northern Portugal) mixed with recycled cork offcuts
  • * If you choose a decorated model, you can rest assured that the UV printing is non-toxic (water-based ink) and is also produced locally in the Porto region.
  • * And because Yogamatata pays attention to every detail, this mat is wrapped in plastic-free paper… seeded with melliferous flower seeds that you can plant and turn into flowers!

This Yogamatata recycled cork mat has many other advantages:

  • * Cork is a healthy material, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is soft to the touch and non-slip.
    This mat is therefore suitable for all yoga practices, from the gentlest to the most intense, including hot yoga.
  • * It is available in neutral or with graphic designs. Take a look at the Bauhaus model, particularly suitable if you’re new to yoga
  • * It offers generous dimensions (186x65cm) while being much lighter than other mats of the same format (1.9kg).


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Cork is a particularly environmentally-friendly natural material (no TPE, no PVC) that offers a number of advantages: it is heat-insulating, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and non-slip. Its grip improves with humidity: the wetter your hands and feet are, the more this mat will grip. Tip: at the start of practice, when your hands and feet are dry, spray a little water on the mat to improve its grip if necessary.

The Yogamata recycled cork mat is suitable for all yoga practices, from the gentlest to the most intense, including hot yoga.

The Bauhaus model has markings for alignment and placement of the feet and hands, making it an excellent choice if you’re taking your first steps in yang practices such as Hatha, Vinyasa, ashtanga, Iyengar…

This mat, which is wider than a standard mat, is also particularly light (only 1.9kg), so it’s easy and practical to carry and take with you when you travel. Its lightness is due to its underlay made from recycled rubber and recycled cork shavings.

YOGANEST advises you to store and transport your 100% recycled Yogamatata mat in a mat bag to protect it from knocks and rubbing. Our bags are large enough to hold a sweatshirt, towel or rain jacket. And you’ll be able to cycle with your rug slung over your shoulder, in complete safety (avoid using a simple rug strap on your bike…).

If you prefer a material other than cork, YOGANEST offers you the Hejhej recycled mat, produced in a total circular economy from 100% recycled secondary raw materials and 100% recyclable. This carpet is not currently available in our online shop. Contact us for more information and a delivery to your home.

Care instructions
Here’s how to look after your hired recycled cork rug:

  • Never machine wash your cork carpet, do not use soap or sponges or aggressive products!
  • Cork is a naturally self-cleaning material. To clean it thoroughly if necessary, spray on a little homemade stain remover-disinfectant: ½ water or floral hydrosol + ½ household white vinegar + just a few drops of essential oils if you feel like it. Then rub gently with a soft sponge or clean micro-fibre cloth (advice from the Yogamatata brand).
  • Yogom Spray can also be used: it’s gentle, natural and contains no vinegar or alcohol.
  • Always leave your rug to dry completely in the shade before rolling it up
It's perfect for
Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Prenatal yoga, Myofascial selfmassage, Stretching
Why we love it
It’s undoubtedly the GO TO (THE favourite mat) for anyone who doesn’t compromise on the ecological criteria of their practice mat.

What’s more, it’s light, spacious and beautiful!

Payment, shipping & returns
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The brand

Yogamatata – Strongly committed yoga mats and accessories

Yogamatata is a French brand created in 2018 by 2 female entrepreneurs, Ondine and Johanna, who devote all their energy to it by creating yoga accessories that correspond to their 4 core values: Eco-responsibility – Female entrepreneurship – Committed business – Transparency.

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 186 × 65 × 0.5 cm



Liège naturel recyclé du Portugal
Caoutchouc naturel recyclé


Bauhaus, Fleurs de gingko, Neutre, Ruche, Vagues


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