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Koshi, Zaphir and Heola chimes are musical instruments designed to produce harmonious, soothing sounds. Although they are designed and manufactured by 3 different brands, they have similar characteristics, each with its own design and slightly different sounds.

These instruments are often used for relaxation, meditation and sound therapy (sonotherapy). Use them, for example, to relax, to accompany a guided meditation or yoga practice, or simply to create a soothing atmosphere in your surroundings. In particular, they work wonders for guiding over-excited children towards greater calm…

The Zaphir, Koshi and Heola chimes are particularly popular for group Sound Baths or individual Sound Treatments. To find out more about their notes and melodies, see the Description section.


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These bamboo chimes are available in 4 different melodies, according to the 4 elements: Terra (G C E F G C E G), Aqua (A D F G A D F A / Pentatonic), Aria (A C E A B C E B) and Ignis (G B D G B D G A / Pentatonic).

The musical scales are as follows: TERRA – C major / AQUA – D minor (pentatonic) / ARIA – A minor / IGNIS – G major (pentatonic). Each Koshi chime has its own exclusive magic timbre and can be played alone or in harmony with the others.


The range includes 8 beechwood chimes with a variety of sounds that can all be combined. They are named after the planets but do not correspond to the frequencies of the planets. Whether it’s Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury…, the HEOLA chime sings the melody of the Universe, near or far.


The Zaphir range offers 5 sounds, named according to the 5 seasons and the elements according to the Feng Shui approach.

Crystalide green – G A B D A G B D (spring) / Sunray red – G#B C#E G#E A C# (summer) / Twilight yellow – E G B C E G B C (autumn) / Sufi violet – F A D F A G A D (intermediate) / Blue Moon blue – D F A B C E A#C (winter)

All the chimes from the 3 brands Saphir, Heolia and Koshi are handcrafted in France. To listen to their exclusive sounds and notes, we invite you to visit the brand websites: Koshi  / HeolaZaphir
Care instructions
To look after your carillon, do not leave it outside unless the temperature is mild and it is covered. Protect it from damp. For further recommendations, please consult the brand pages.
It's perfect for
Yin yoga styles (Yin, Restorative), Yang yoga Yang (Hatha, Vinyasa-Flow, Ashtanga, Power), Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Aerial yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the move, Relaxation at home, Sound baths & Sound healing sessions.
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Koshi bois de bambou
Heola bois de hêtre
Zaphir cellulose


Heola Ceres, Heola Eris, Heola Jupiter, Heola Mars, Heola Mercure, Heola Neptune, Heola Saturne, Heola Venus, Koshi Aqua, Koshi Aria, Koshi Ignis, Koshi Terra, Zaphir Blue moon, Zaphir Crystalide, Zaphir Sufi, Zaphir Sunray, Zaphir Twilight


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