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The Ancient Trust mala bracelet is made of Rudraksha beads and red jasper. It can be used in meditation, with the aim of helping one’s mind to focus on reciting mantras.

Because of its aesthetics, it can just as easily be worn as a piece of jewellery, while benefiting from the virtues of the beads that make it up. Inner peace, balance and appreciation of the present moment are the main virtues of the semi-precious gem of red jasper. Men and women will love it alike.


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In Buddhist and Hindu religions, practitioners have always used the mala as a medium for their mantras. A long necklace made of Rudraksha beads, it can be compared to the prayer beads.

The Rudraksha bead, considered sacred in these cultures, is the traditional component of the mala. Precious or semi-precious stones are sometimes added alternately. They themselves provide other benefits that are informed in lithotherapy. 

The Ancient Trust bracelet, an ancient belief, for its part, is made up of 27 Rudraksha beads and 3 round red jasper stones. Small golden sterling silver beads separate each jasper bead and provide an aesthetically pleasing contrasting touch. 

From the tree Elaeocarpus angustifolius, the sacred Rudraksha beads are grown in India. Many Asian cultures attribute virtues to them: inner peace, clarity of mind and orientation. Sometimes nicknamed “Shiva’s tears”, the smaller seeds are the rarest and most concentrated in energy. 

In meditation, red jasper refocuses concentration and allows one to ground one’s mind in the present moment with calm and serenity. In everyday life, it develops our creativity, imagination and independence.

In terms of the chakras, here are the main connections to remember:

1st chakra: root chakra, it allows us to have a foundation and feel a connection with the Earth.

3rd chakra: this is the solar plexus. It helps us to put our talents at the service of the world and gives us the strength to develop. It is the chakra of the will.

4th chakra: the heart chakra which teaches us the wisdom of love, for ourselves, for others and for everything. Love is always the source of healing.

5th chakra : The throat chakra allows us to communicate in purity and opens the door to self-expression.

Care instructions
In order to benefit from all the virtues of the pearls, we advise you to transmit your intentions to the pearls. They will then be charged with energy. A connection will be created with your bracelet. Monday, the day of Shiva, is ideal to perform the following ceremony:

  • Find a quiet place to settle in
  • Place a container of water in front of you. Add some flowers to it, and your Ancient Trust bracelet
  • Burning a stick of incense may help you relax your mind
  • The mantra “OM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM”, translating to Shiva’s tears can be chanted
  • Your bracelet is ready to be worn
  • The beads are loaded and ready to impart their benefits to you

This ceremony is of course optional and the bracelet can be worn as soon as it is received if the ceremony does not resonate with you. The beads that make it up have naturally beneficial properties.

The beads in your mala will accumulate energy. When you feel it’s time, you can wash your bracelet to discharge and reset it. Here is the procedure:

  • Hold your Ancient Trust bracelet under tap water
  • Touch the beads one by one with the intention of cleaning them
  • The air outside is ideal for drying
  • You can then massage each of the beads with a little natural oil.
It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga nidra, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the move, Meditation, Mindfulness, Casual wear, On the way to the studio, Relaxed style, Cocooning at home
Why we love it
The Ancient Trust bracelet is beautiful to look at and we love to wear it in our daily lives to enhance our outfits with a differentiating accessory. 

In addition, the semi-precious stone of red jasper brings us beneficial virtues. It brings, indeed, a certain balance to the person who wears it by calming fears and irrational thoughts. A feeling of security is felt.

It is also an excellent stone for meditative practice. The calm energy that emanates from it allows one to centre one’s mind. An anchoring with the present moment increases the beneficial effects of meditation tenfold

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The brand

Mala Spirit – Made with love, an offering from Bali

The heart of Mala Spirit creations is the Rudraksha bead, from the Eleocarpus tree, which brings the wisdom and power of the ancient sages to today’s world in the form of contemporary malas. The Rudraksha is combined with gemstones, which are different for each piece and give it its own personality in terms of colour and chakra benefits. Each piece is handmade and blessed in Bali.

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Rudraksha, argent sterling doré, jaspe rouge


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