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Mala bracelet made of Lava stones and Rudraksha beads used for meditation, yoga or simply as a piece of jewellery.

This bracelet is made of 27 Black lava stone beads and 3 sacred Rudraksha beads. This accessory will accompany you in your meditative practice and guide you to a daily life filled with joy and good mood.

the Lava Rock model resonates with the 1st chakra, it will suit men and women alike.


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Mala bracelets are used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions for meditative practice. They are similar to the prayer beads used in other religions. By following a well-defined ritual, the mala allows the practitioner to concentrate on his mantras.

This Lava Rock mala bracelet is made of 27 black lava stones. Directly from the volcanoes during an eruption, these beads have a smooth irregular surface. Light, composed of small holes that testify to its volcanic past, the lava stone will bring you its warm and powerful energy.

Three Rudraksha beads finalise the bracelet. From the Elaeocarpus angustifolius tree, Rudraksha beads are considered sacred in many cultures. They are sometimes referred to as “Shiva’s tears”. The smaller they are, the rarer and more energetic they are considered to be. The Rudraksha bead will bring you inner peace, clarity of mind and direction.

Care instructions
If you wish to convey your intentions to the beads that make up your mala bracelet, do not wear it immediately upon receipt. Wait until it is a Monday, a day dedicated to Shiva, and perform the following ceremony. This way the bracelet will carry energy and some sort of connection will be created. 

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet and restful place
  • Fill a container with water and place some flowers in it. Dip your Lava Rock bracelet into it
  • A stick of incense at this point can help you relax your body and mind
  • Once you have reached a stage of relaxation that you feel is sufficient, cleanse each of the beads in your mala. At the same time, visualise your intentions and transmit them to the beads. Imagine them as protectors and carriers of good energy
  • Chant the mantra “OM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM”. It is synonymous with the tears of Shiva
  • You can now wear your bracelet and benefit from its virtues

If you feel that your mala has accumulated a lot of energy over time, take the time to wash it to reset it. This will clear it of energies and make it ready to receive them again:

  • To do this, turn on your tap and place your bracelet under running water
  • Touch each bead with the intention of cleaning it
  • Allow your mala to air dry, then massage each bead with a little natural oil.
It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga nidra, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the move, Meditation, Mindfulness, Casual wear, On the way to the studio, Relaxed style, Cocooning at home
Why we love it
From its colour alone, you can tell this bracelet is a great source of energy. When you study its composition, the lava stone and the Rudraksha beads, you know that this is the mala to choose when you need to reconnect to the Earth and enjoy its power.

Lava stone is charged with the incredibly dynamic energy of fire. Thanks to their volcanic origin, they bring dynamism to our entire body. By reconnecting us to our roots, basalt stone helps us to refocus on the present moment.

Interestingly, this bracelet resonates with the 1st chakra, the root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit). Linked to blood circulation, it is connected to our dynamism and general well-being.

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The brand

Mala Spirit – Made with love, an offering from Bali

The heart of Mala Spirit creations is the Rudraksha bead, from the Eleocarpus tree, which brings the wisdom and power of the ancient sages to today’s world in the form of contemporary malas. The Rudraksha is combined with gemstones, which are different for each piece and give it its own personality in terms of colour and chakra benefits. Each piece is handmade and blessed in Bali.

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Rudraksha, lava stones (basalt)


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