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The “Devotion” bracelet for meditation practice is made of Rudraksha beads combined with carnelian beads. The carnelian stone gives it a beautiful orange colour, full of energy and vitality.

This mala will bring you dynamism and motivation. It is particularly suitable for the practice of meditation, since this gem favours concentration.

Resonates with the 2nd chakra, located in the lower abdomen. It is known to be the centre of our creativity, sexuality and inspiration.

The ‘Devotion’ collection brings courage and self-confidence, ideal at times of great life change. Check the Devotion necklace for a perfect match.


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Composed of beads of different natures, malas allow one to concentrate on the recitation of mantras, while bringing different virtues to the person who owns them. Indeed, generally made from Rudraksha beads, they are sometimes embellished with precious or semi-precious stones which themselves have specific benefits according to lithotherapy.

The Elaeocarpus angustifolius tree is grown in India. Rudrakshas are the seeds of this tree and are harvested when they fall to the ground. They are considered sacred in many cultures. They are sometimes called “Shiva’s tears”.

Carnelian beads strengthen your centering and allow you to develop your creativity and intuition. They help you to regain your self-confidence. Known to be a stone of connection and reconciliation with the energy of the mother, it calms your fears and anxieties. In addition, it allows your sexuality to express itself and promotes your libido.

Connected to the second chakra, this bracelet will help you to accept your feelings and to let them flow for more serenity.

Care instructions
If you wish to transmit your intentions to the beads that make up your mala bracelet, do not wear it immediately on receipt. Wait until it is a Monday, a day dedicated to Shiva, and perform the following ceremony. In this way the bracelet will carry energy and some sort of connection will be created.

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet and restful place
  • Fill a container with water into which you will place some flowers. Dip your Devotion bracelet into it
  • Once you have reached a stage of relaxation that you feel is sufficient, cleanse each of the beads in your mala. At the same time, visualize your intentions and transmit them to the beads. Imagine them as protectors and carriers of good energies
  • Chant the mantra “OM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM”. It is synonymous with the tears of Shiva.

If you feel that your mala has accumulated a lot of energies over time, take the time to wash it to reset it. This will clear it of energies and make it ready to receive them again.

  • To do this, turn on your tap and place your bracelet under running water
  • Touch each bead with the intention of cleaning it
  • Let your mala air dry, then massage each bead with a little natural oil.
It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga nidra, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the go, Meditation, Mindfulness, Casual wear, On the way to the studio, Relaxed style, Cocooning at home
Why we love it
Made of semi-precious carnelian beads, this mala will guide you towards courage and self-confidence. If you are going through a period of change in your life, this stone will help you gain confidence and accept the new.

Carnelian is also known to strengthen the body and encourage acceptance of one’s sensuality and sexuality. Associated with the second chakra, it is known to enhance fertility. Pregnant women can wear this mala to protect the unborn baby.

With this mala, you can give free rein to your creativity and let your imagination run wild.

We love to wear this mala bracelet, whether it is for a meditation session, during a yoga class or simply as an accessory to enhance our outfits and take advantage of the beneficial properties of its beads.

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The brand

Mala Spirit – Made with love, an offering from Bali

The heart of Mala Spirit creations is the Rudraksha bead, from the Eleocarpus tree, which brings the wisdom and power of the ancient sages to today’s world in the form of contemporary malas. The Rudraksha is combined with gemstones, which are different for each piece and give it its own personality in terms of colour and chakra benefits. Each piece is handmade and blessed in Bali.

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Rudraksha and cornaline


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