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Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, sound tubes, kalimbas, rain sticks, ocean drums, tongue drums, pocket drums, shakers, sticks and mallets… our range of intuitive instruments is wide and varied.

All these instruments can be combined harmoniously or played on their own. Most of them are highly intuitive, so you don’t need any musical education to use them and (feel) good. Sonotherapy or sound therapy does not need to be professional to be beneficial. Anyone can simply activate a bowl to accompany their own conscious breathing or relax by playing several instruments. With a dose of curiosity and listening, you can also lead a group of friends or family in a relaxing break, in the garden, by the lake or in the living room.

Children can easily make them their own for moments of calm and learn patience and gentleness (waiting for the sound to die down before reactivating the bowl, touching the instrument without force, listening to other people to complement each other…).

All our instruments are carefully selected for their quality. So they will also delight professionals in the field of support and care through sound, in a multitude of contexts:

  • * Group sound baths
  • * Accompanying a guided yoga, meditation, xi-gong or other practice
  • * Sound massage for individuals or couples, perhaps combined with reflexology sessions, shiatsu, massage, etc.
  • * Kirtan, concerts, etc.


We have chosen not to present each item in detail on the YOGANEST online shop. Come and see us at the shop in Carouge, Rue St-Victor 23, or contact us by e-mail or telephone. If we don “t have what you want in stock, we may be able to find it for you.


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Looking for a particular instrument? See something in the photos that catches your eye? Contact us by email or telephone. Our range varies and is not limited to what you see here. We’ll be happy to advise you and tell you whether delivery by post is possible or whether a visit to the YOGANEST Boutique in Carouge would be preferable. 

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Yoga styles Yin (Yin, Restorative), Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Aerial yoga, Outdoor yoga, Yoga on the move, Relaxation at home, Sound baths & Sound healing sessions.
Why we love it
We love all the intuitive instruments we offer in our online shop and in our boutique in Carouge, Geneva. We select them all with the greatest care, so that they can accompany you in your relaxation or meditation, individually or with others.

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