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Version 2.0 – new 2023 models, even grippier! As the name suggests, the SuperGrip mat is completely non-slip and provides a secure grip. It allows you to practice yoga without ever having to worry about slipping. You can perform your asanas on any floor surface.

Yoga Boutique has come up with a beautiful pattern to adorn the centre of the Moon mat. The phases of the moon are represented, as well as the stars and orbits. The design is made by laser and is therefore very subtle and precise.. 

Because of its size and thickness, this mat is ideal for all yogis, from beginners to experienced yogis, who crave comfort in their yoga practice. 

The Moonphase Supergrip mat is available in blue or black. Other colours and patterns are available at our Geneva Boutique, contact us by email or phone to order them!



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Version 2.0 – new 2023 models, even grippier! The distinguishing feature of SuperGrip mats is their great grip. Whether it’s the durable natural rubber underside that allows you to do your yoga session on any floor fsurface. Or the PU (polyurethane) coating, which makes them slip-resistant. Even the most dynamic yoga sessions will no longer make you afraid of slipping.

The more it is used, the more the SuperGrip mat develops its anti-slip potential. So it may take a few sessions before you discover its full capabilities. With regular practice, you will quickly be seduced by its exceptional grip.

In addition, both materials are free of PVC, silicone and phthalates. Therefore, this carpet is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

With a thickness of 4.5 millimetres, this mat is very comfortable. Your joints will be safe, even on hard surfaces. Your knees and wrists will be less painful in the sequences. 

Larger than conventional mats, the SuperGrip Moon allows even the tallest yogis to feel comfortable in any position. Even lying down, feet and head will not stick out, thanks to its 183 x 68 centimeters dimensions.

Yoga Boutique offers with the Moon mat a beautiful lunar design. Made by laser, this design is delicate and more discreet than other models of the brand. The graphic lines help you to position yourself correctly in the postures. 

Care instructions
When you first open your carpet, its surface may be covered with a slight powdery layer. This is completely normal and will disappear on its own. If you still want to clean it before your first practice, use a damp cloth.

Please consider these additional tips to extend the life of your mat:

  • The rug should always be rolled so that the printed surface is on the outside. 
  • Once your session is over, store your mat in a dry place protected from sunlight. A yoga mat bag is ideal storage.
  • If needed, you have the option of wiping your yoga mat with a damp cloth with the softest possible surface. Then spray it with a yoga mat spray and let it dry.

SuperGrip yoga mats do not appreciate creams and makeup which can leave grease stains on its surface. We therefore recommend that you do not sit directly on the mat after applying cream.

You can also use lemon water to wash it if it is very dirty. Simply squeeze a little lemon into warm water and spray it on the carpet, then wipe it well. Then let it dry.

It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, Flow yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yoga nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Iyengar yoga, Aerial yoga, Acro yoga, Outdoor yoga, Myofascial self-massage, Pilates, Stretching
Why we love it
This is really the mat you turn to when you want to be sure you won’t slip. It is non-slip both on the floor and with the contact of our hands and feet. 

We love the design thought up by Yoga Boutique for this Moon mat. A beautiful lunar design that leaves us dreaming. The laser realization brings it a very sophisticated and elegant side. Between blue and black, the choice is difficult…

Finally, it is also for its eco-responsible values that we love this yoga mat. Sustainable natural rubber, free of chemicals, biodegradable: this mat ticks all the boxes of sustainable consumption.

Payment, shipping & returns
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The brand

Yoga Boutique – Exclusive, functional and ethical yoga products

Yoga Boutique is a Swiss family owned start-up, born in 2018. Their range is carefully selected: yoga mats made from sustainable materials, beautiful meditation cushions, super comfortable yoga clothes for everyone. The products are designed directly by the founders and are therefore exclusive. Special care is given to the provenance of materials, designs and functionality.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 183 × 68 × 0.45 cm

Black, Sand, Indigo blue




Natural rubber and polyurethane


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