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Large yoga mat with strong grippy power. Ideal for beginners and advanced yogis who are looking for great comfort in their yoga practice.

This mat is specially developed to be non-slippery on the floor, making it possible to practice yoga on any surface. Version 2.0 – new 2023 models, even grippier!

It is elegantly illustrated with the different phases of the moon drawn in the mandala style. Available in two colours, the Moonphase rug is sure to appeal to all tastes. Blue or black, adorned with its golden illustration, it will accompany you in all your yoga, pilates, meditation or myofascial self-massage sessions.



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Version 2.0 – new 2023 models – The Moonphase yoga mat is made of durable natural rubber and PU (polyurethane). These materials have been selected for their ability to be very non-slip. 

In addition, its thickness makes it very comfortable for both your long held poses and asana sequences. Indeed, its 4.5mm thickness allows it to absorb shocks and to be pleasant even for the most fragile joints. The cushioning of this thick mat is particularly appreciated during standing postures. 

The upper part of the mat (the one with the drawings) is made of polyurethane. This material offers the best possible grip. This ensures that you will never slip no matter what your posture is. 

As for the part in contact with the ground, it is made of durable natural rubber to ensure a good grip on any surface. This mat will not slip no matter what your floor material is. Even during dynamic yoga practice, it stays firmly anchored to the floor.

All mats in Yoga Boutique’s SuperGrip range are free of PVC, silicone and phthalates. This makes the mat biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

With its dimensions of 183×68 cm, this mat is particularly long and wide. It gives taller people the opportunity to be comfortable on their mat, even during floor exercises. Your practice space is increased, your feet and hands stay on the mat even if you are very flexible or if the sequence of yoga postures leads you to explore all corners of the mat! Whether you’re doing meditation exercises or posture sequences, you won’t want to leave the welcoming space of your mat.

Care instructions
Always roll up your mat so that the coloured surface is visible from the outside.

The material of SuperGrip non-slip yoga mats makes them susceptible to grease stains. So avoid using your mat if you have used cosmetic creams or makeup. 

However, your carpet is washable and easy to clean. If a stain does appear, spray it with a yoga mat spray and rub it gently with a fine, non-scratch cloth (such as a JEMAKO microfiber cloth) and then let it dry thoroughly.

If the mat is very dirty, you can use lemon water. To do this, simply squeeze a little lemon into warm water. Wet a soft cloth with this mixture, clean the carpet, wipe it well and let it air dry.

Always store your mat in a dry place, away from light and sunlight. Ideally, place it in a carry bag after use.

On unpacking, the surface of the yoga mat may feel a little “powdery”. This is normal. Wipe your mat with a damp cloth to remove this effect if it bothers you.

The grip of the mat improves with use, it may take a little patience and regular practice for the mat to reach its full potential!

It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Iyengar yoga, Aerial yoga, Outdoor yoga, Myofascial self-massage, Pilates, Stretching
Why we love it
It’s the Rolls of the mats! We particularly appreciate its anti-slip material, the best we’ve tested so far. No surface can resist it. Your hands and feet will stay in place in any position. If you have a bad habit of slipping during your sessions, you can buy a SuperGrip mat with peace of mind and enjoy its good grip.

We also like the fact that this mat is suitable for everyone, even the tallest among yogis. Its dimensions are very pleasant, especially in the reclining postures during which you don’t feel like you’re sticking out on the floor. The softness of its material layers makes it comfortable for everyone.

Of course, the fact that this item contains no toxic products and is eco-responsible and recyclable is totally in line with our values. 

Finally, we love its modern and elegant design. The little extra of the Moonphase illustration? Thanks to the linearly arranged mandalas, you’ll be able to refocus on the mat at a glance during your yoga session to always keep the right alignment.

With this mat, doing yoga is both pleasing to the body, and also to the eyes. Don’t hesitate to check out the other designs of the SuperGrip eco-mats, they are all more beautiful than each other. The hardest part will be choosing your mat!

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The brand

Yoga Boutique – Exclusive, functional and ethical yoga products

Yoga Boutique is a Swiss family owned start-up, born in 2018. Their range is carefully selected: yoga mats made from sustainable materials, beautiful meditation cushions, super comfortable yoga clothes for everyone. The products are designed directly by the founders and are therefore exclusive. Special care is given to the provenance of materials, designs and functionality.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 183 × 68 × 0.45 cm

Black, Sand, Violet




Natural rubber and polyurethane


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