Therapy Ball Alpha | solo 9cm

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The Alpha Ball measures 9 centimetres in diameter. It is ideal for self-massage on the pectoral area, glutes and other large muscle groups. 

This therapy ball has a soft top layer and a dense inner core, this allows you to roll on and around bony prominences.  

You can use it against the wall to massage your upper back and shoulders or on the floor to release tension in your hips and lower back.


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The Alpha Ball can be used with Jill Miller’s Roll Model method. The Roll Model method is an effective soft tissue treatment fitness format designed around self-massage. These safe and easy exercises that you can do at home include breath work, physical alignment, anatomy instruction and mindfulness practices. By adopting self-massage, over time you will significantly reduce pain and strengthen your body. 

The Alpha Ball itself allows for targeted self-massage and can access parts of your body that might otherwise be difficult to reach. Regular work with the Alpha Ball allows you to relieve many types of ailments from back pain to migraines, and even plantar fasciitis. Make it part of your daily routine to restore your body’s optimal performance, so you can do whatever you want, pain free. 

Self-massage is a practice that is known to provide many benefits, including the following:

  • Helping to deeply relax feelings of stiffness in the body and releasing muscle knots 
  • Allowing deep connective tissue massage of muscles and fascia
  • Help to adopt a more accurate posture by improving proprioception (the perception of one’s own body in space). Every day, we adopt bad postures. We have the reflex to unconsciously contract our muscles, shoulders, neck, lower back, etc. With self-massage, you stretch these areas of the body to achieve relaxation
  • Help athletes increase their performance. Self-massage is ideal in the case of sustained sports practice during which muscles and joints are used a lot and aches and pains are frequent
  • Peace the mind, calm your nervous system, reduce stress. Self-massage allows you to take time for yourself and reset the meters
  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion in your joints
  • Reduce pain due to too little, too much, or inappropriate use of certain body parts
  • Improve concentration.

The use of self-massage balls is recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their health and well-being. However, this practice is not recommended for pregnant women and those in the post-partum recovery phase. Please speak advice of your doctor if you have any doubts about your present medical condition or any past injury or pathology.

Care instructions
These self-massage balls gain traction over time. To make the rubber smoother, softer and stickier, you can gently crush them with your bare feet.

If the balls feel too firm at first, you can start your self-massage session at the wall. Once your body is used to the deep pressure, you can move to the floor.

The balls should not be exposed to direct light. To keep them soft and sticky, store them in a sports bag or a closed container.

It's perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Myofascial self-massage, Workout, Gymnastics, Crossfit
Why we love it
We love the self-massage this ball provides us, the same feeling as a “fist” massage. 

Less invasive than its smaller sisters, the Alpha Ball allows us to release all the knots and tensions accumulated in the body. Even though the Alpha ball is the biggest of the YTU collection, we still appreciate its rather small size, we can take it everywhere with us.

The Alpha Ball relieves us from different types of ailments and allows us self-healing. Thus, we have full awareness of our body and the benefits we can bring to it by our own means. 

This product allows to perform easy and effective exercises at home. You are welcome to join YOGANEST Myofascial Self-massage classes, during which we use all models of Yoga Tune Up balls. Learn to release muscle tension and gain quality of life, find harmony between body and mind.

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The brand

Yoga Tune Up – Health and well-being at the heart of self-massage balls

The brand was inspired by traditional yoga to develop its own therapeutic method. Thanks to deep stretching, you can release tension, free up tension and forget about aches and pains that have been around for far too long. Yoga Tune Up has developed accessories around this method, including self-massage balls.

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