Therapy Balls Plus | duo 7cm

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Two “Plus Therapy Balls” that offer self-massage therapy targeted at trigger points. These two high-grip rubber massage balls have been specially designed to perform this type of massage. With various targeted movements, the balls penetrate the layers of skin and muscle and massage deep into areas of high tension.

This Yoga Tune Up product is slightly larger than the Original Therapy Ball with a diameter of approximately 7cm. They have been developed to meet the demands of their loyal customers and users. These balls offer a larger surface area and greater height to allow for deeper pressure.

The Self-Massage Plus balls are delivered in pairs (2 pieces) in a mesh bag.


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Both balls are very useful for relieving tension. Slightly larger than the original Tune Up Yoga Therapy Ball, the Therapy Ball PLUS is approximately 7cm in diameter. Used alone or in pairs, they cover a larger area and add height for greater depth of pressure.

You can easily carry them in their mesh bag. They are used for spinal massages (from the top of the neck to the sacrum), as well as thigh massages and more.

Therapy Ball PLUS self-massage balls are made from a special rubber that allows you to eliminate adhesions and tension. They offer an exceptional deep tissue massage experience.

Using the different sequences and techniques developed by the brand, you can learn to accurately identify the “blind spots” of pain and begin to prevent future discomfort. The self-massage balls themselves offer great strength and pressure to penetrate through layers of skin and muscle. It is easy to target the areas to be reached, whereas this would be complicated using our hands.

Aches and pains that can be improved with Therapy Ball PLUS include clenched jaw, frozen shoulder, sciatica and back pain, IT band syndrome, migraines, etc. Enhance your existing self-care routine, relieve physical discomfort and start living more comfortably in your body with this ball set.

At YOGANEST, we use the Plus balls and other models in the process of myofascial self-massage. Come and discover how to release muscular tension from your posture and/or activities. You will gain quality of life and feel more harmony between your body and mind.

Using self-massage balls is recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their health and well-being. However, this practice is not recommended for pregnant women and women recovering from pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure about your current medical condition or medical history.

care instructions

The Tune Up Yoga Self-Massage Balls gain grip with use. To make them softer, softer and more grippy, you can gently crush them with your bare feet at first.

If the balls feel too firm at first, start your self-massage against a wall. Once your body is used to the deep pressure, you can move to the floor.

When not in use, the Tune Up Yoga Balls should be protected from direct light. To ensure that they remain soft and grippy over time, store them in a sports bag or sealed package.

It's perfect for

Myofascial self-massage, yin yoga, restorative yoga, workout, gymnastics, crossfit.
Why we love it

We love being able to use this kind of object to be autonomous. Self-massage is practical because you can do it at any time and without depending on anyone. These balls provide lasting relief from the stresses of everyday life.

The Therapy Balls Plus are slightly larger than the Original. They are more suitable as a basic pair if you are very tall or if you prefer a more gentle massage.

It is very pleasant and beneficial for our muscles. You can feel that it is working in depth. It is a massage technique that is suitable for many different types of pain but also just to relax.

For people who work from home, for example, it is interesting to be able to get it at home. Sitting in a chair all day usually leads to weakness in the back and neck. These can be relieved with these two balls.

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The brand

Yoga Tune Up – Health and well-being at the heart of self-massage balls

The brand was inspired by traditional yoga to develop its own therapeutic method. Thanks to deep stretching, you can release tension, free up tension and forget about aches and pains that have been around for far too long. Yoga Tune Up has developed accessories around this method, including self-massage balls.

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