Therapy Ball Coregeous | inflatable 20cm

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The Coregeous® ball is an inflatable ball with a soft, stretchy material that is as unique as a “skin” that mimics the feel of a human palm. It is inimitable for improving breathing mechanics, working on scar tissue, releasing myofascial tension and initiating your innate relaxation responses via the vagus nerve.

Use it, for example, to gently and safely release tension in your deepest abdominals, psoas and torso. In self-massage and with breathing exercises, it is immediately beneficial for re-establishing the connection with the breath and relieving stress. More broadly, it restores movement throughout the body, improving your mobility and performance.

This unique ball measures approximately 20cm in diameter when inflated and is very small in your bag when deflated.


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Our abdominal region is home to many organs and muscles that are vital yet often overlooked. The Coregeous massage ball has been designed to gently access your lower abdominals.

Filled with air and with a soft, stretchy texture, regular use of this ball can relieve stress and tension through stimulation of the vagal nerve.

Due to its special softness and flexibility, the Coregeous can be used for preventive care or during a recovery phase, particularly during and after pregnancy and post-operative care. For even more benefits and to get your whole body back into shape, you can use the Tune Up Yoga Self-Massage Balls such as the Original Therapy Balls in addition to your Coregeous (not if you’re pregnant). You will gradually regain the power to heal your body.

Self-massage is a practice that brings many benefits, including the following:

  • Enables deep massage of connective tissues, muscles and fascia
  • Releases muscle knots, helps to deeply relax sensation of stiffness in your body, softens and stretches all parts of the body
  • Enables a more accurate posture by improving one’s proprioception (our perception of our own body’s position and movements in space). In our daily habits, we often adopt bad postures. For instance sitting at work for long hours, during which we unconsciously contract our muscles, shoulders, neck, lower back, etc. The stretches performed in self-massage allow a relaxation of the entire body
  • Helps athletes improve their performance. This discipline is ideal in the context of a sustained sports practice during which the muscles and joints are overused, creating frequent aches and pains
  • Increases your flexibility and mobility (range of motion of the joints)
  • Soothes the mind, calms the nervous system, reduces stress. Ideal if you are looking to relax and get a fresh start. Stress has many side effects such as tissue inflammation, poor blood circulation, muscle tension. Self-massage acts as taking time for yourself and resetting the meters
  • Reduces pain due to poor / too much / too little use of certain areas of the body (eg back pain, hips, thighs, knees, heels, psoas …).

Care instructions
Yoga Tune UP balls, including Coregeous inflatables, should not be left in direct light after use. To keep the material soft and grippy, store them in a gym bag or closed container. Important: Do not use or leave your Coregeous ball on furniture, floors or any object that is lacquered, glazed, laminated or similar in nature as the texture of the ball may cause permanent damage to these surfaces.
It's perfect for
Pilates, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga, Myofascial self-massage, Workout, Gymnastics, Crossfit
Why we love it
This ball is the ideal size for stimulating different parts of the body (diameter approx. 20cm). Deflatable and lightweight, it can easily be slipped into your bag when travelling, on the way to the office or to the gym.

We love the Coregeous ball which educates us on how to access our deep abdominal layers with the benefits of stimulating our digestion, relaxing our muscles and opening up our respiratory function.

When we are under stress or tension, the Coregeous ball provides a way to heal ourselves, mainly by stimulating the vagal nerve.

In muscle strengthening (pilates and workout), in active global massage, in post-partum or post-operative rehabilitation, it is an absolute wonder to work on breathing awareness and to boost our relaxation. Seek advice and clearance from your doctor before use if you’re in doubt about your present medical condition or some past injuries or pathologies.

In particular, we use these balls in our myofascial self-massage classes. Learn to release your muscular tensions and gain quality of life, find harmony between body and mind.

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The brand

Yoga Tune Up – Health and well-being at the heart of self-massage balls

The brand was inspired by traditional yoga to develop its own therapeutic method. Thanks to deep stretching, you can release tension, free up tension and forget about aches and pains that have been around for far too long. Yoga Tune Up has developed accessories around this method, including self-massage balls.

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Black, Violet



Diameter (inflated)

Approx. 20-25cm. Volume varies and will increase with use


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