Enso Tribe


A tribe of yogis committed to respecting the planet


Enso Tribe is a Swedish brand that offers ethical and eco-responsible yoga products. For the time being, the brand is only focused on a range of sport-casualwear tops for women or unisex (tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts), but all the products are carefully chosen.

First of all, the raw materials are selected with great care. Bamboo, organic cotton, tencel lyocell (a biodegradable fibre obtained from wood pulp), polyester… all the manufacturing materials are certified organic and/or low impact. When you know the energy cost of manufacturing textiles, this is a big step forward for the brand.

Secondly, the prints that adorn the ethical clothing are handmade in Sweden. They are only made at the time of ordering. This avoids unnecessary waste and mess as each piece is printed once it has found an owner. So each piece is unique and this adds a little handicraft to the clothes.

Finally, the companies Enso Tribe works with are also carefully researched. Only factories that can ensure the use of sustainable raw materials and fair working conditions are selected. This ensures that the yoga clothing brand has control over the entire production chain.

In addition to doing everything possible to be as irreproachable as possible in its own production, Enso Tribe wants to encourage other brands to join them in their commitments. The responsible brand is keen to build a community of consumers for whom environmental issues are also important. Together, they hope to show the fashion industry, manufacturers, fast fashion and industrialists that, yes, consumers do want change in this sector.

Alongside its ethical commitments, Enso Tribe is also a sustainable brand that offers functional and beautiful yoga clothing. All the jumpers, t-shirts and tank tops are printed with motivational and original messages through mantras proudly displayed on the different models.

In a very streetwear style, the brand offers tops with casual cuts. Comfortable, they can be used endlessly with your entire wardrobe. Your favourite leggings or trousers will always have a matching top. All the garments can easily be combined with your wardrobe for a casual look every day!

Production sites: Turkey and Sweden


Why we love this brand


Well aware that the textile industry is one of the worst in terms of environmental impact, the founders of Enso Tribe have chosen to combine their passion for fashion, yoga and their eco-responsible values. And for that, we can only congratulate them!

Many other fashion brands could be inspired by Enso Tribe. Everything about the brand is carefully thought out to minimise the impact of production on the planet: raw materials, textiles, manufacturing, clothing, transport, etc. The values of the fashion brand are in line with those of Laurence, who advocates responsible, fair and ethical consumption. It is therefore without suspense that Enso Tribe has joined our eco-responsible sportswear and yoga accessories brands.

And of course, Enso Tribe’s clothes are also perfect for yoga practice! Comfortable, functional, soft and light, we love to practice asanas in these clothes. You can continue your yoga session with a meditative practice by putting on one of their warm and soft sweaters.

The quality of the natural and ecological materials used is felt through the practice of yoga or other sports activities. Timeless, sportswear pieces that you never tire of wearing. And even in everyday life, Yoga Nest wears sleeveless tops and t-shirts that go perfectly with jeans or shorts in spring and summer. Getting dressed should always be this easy!

If you want to invest in sustainable and quality clothing, while supporting a sustainable and eco-responsible brand that makes efforts for the environment, we can only advise you to take a look at the clothing line offered by Enso Tribe. A first step towards ethical fashion and a more responsible wardrobe. Discover the collection without further delay!