Inspired by yoga, designed in Switzerland, made in Bali under sustainable ad ethical manufacturing
We conceive very Vervola clothing as a favorite piece to be worn every day and we give great attention and importance to a sensible production. We would prefer not to leave any ecological footprint with our clothes. Even our packaging is reusable!
Vervola clothing are designed in Switzerland and made fairly and ethically in our famly tailoring workshop in Bali.
We create clothing that are wholly functional to your day-to-day activities. Tops and bottoms in which you feel and look well dressed in your free time, for home office, practicing yoga or exercising in whatever way makes you feel your best.
Clothing that fits in every yoga or workout position so you can fully concentrate on the moment rather than check that everything is still in the right place…
A wide range of models that hide happiness zones and make you feel and look marvelous.
We use only natural and sustainable materials and colors to manufacture feel-good clothes that are. The fabrics come from certified production with labels such as EcoVeroTM or TencelTM.
All of our fabrics are colored with natural pigments in subtle, powdery, natural, and harmonious shades, all easy to combine.

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