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What I’m passionate about in teaching Yoga is sharing with my students and learning from them. I put a priority on guiding them towards a deeper understanding of their bodies (physical, energetical and mental) so that they can improve their well-being in day to day life and their balance for all years to come. A student told me that she was “starting to feel like living within her body whereas she was living separate from her body before”; I sincerely wish all yoga practitioners can reach that awareness some day once they are ready for it.

My journey

You can expect my classes to never be the same. Some days I will focus more on the anatomical benefits of the practice, others on its energetical aspects linking the Yin practice to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or I will teach a rather silent class as an opportunity to "walk on the path towards meditation". There is however a constant in all my teachings, mindfulness on breath is always emphasised.

Born from a Swiss-Italian mum and a French dad, I grew up in between the 2 countries and later settled in Switzerland to build a career and a family. Professionally as well as privately, I was driven all the way by a desire to help people around me to grow. I first spent 13 years in managerial positions with a global leading company and then trained as a Business & Life coach accompanying people into change for 7 years. Teaching yoga is a natural continuation on this path. I first stepped on a yoga mat in 2010, engaged in a passionate practice with a boundless curiosity after moving to Singapore in 2012 and now balance my nearly daily Yang practice with Yin types of yoga as well as meditation.

Becoming a yoga teacher has been a life-changing and revelation. Passing on the benefits of yoga around me brings me a lot of happiness. The feedback from my students are also unanimous: yoga allows a letting go, a deep relaxation, a renewal of vitality, bodily and mental well-being. Starting yoga means taking charge of your health, relaxing body and mind, discovering your breathing and finding more inner peace.

Certified Yoga Alliance RYT200 Yoga instructor in 2013, I trained for more than 900 hours in Asia and elsewhere and was particularly blessed to deepen my understanding of Yin yoga & Meditation with Sarah Powers and Jo Phee, of Yoga Therapy with Arun Rana. I am also a big fan of Myofascial Selfmassage (MFR) technics and love to integrate its benefits in my classes. I have studied this matter from several sources and I'm one of the happy few Yoga Tune Up® certified teachers in Europe. More recently, I've been exploring the intriguing field of relaxation through sound, won over by the benefits of Sound Healing, its Tibetan bowls and multiple other intuitive instruments.

I have been teaching regular weekly classes in several yoga studios since 2014. My Yin & Restorative class was awarded SHAPE Magazine Award of the "Most relaxing yoga class in Singapore" in 2017.

Back in Geneva since 2018, I cannot wait to meet you there and around soon! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, whatever your physical condition, my group classes are adapted to your personal practice. I also regularly organise yoga workshops and retreats that allow you to deepen your practice and immerse in a bubble of serenity for a few hours or days.

I will also be particularly happy to welcome you to YOGANEST's new address, Rue St-Victor 23 in Carouge to introduce you to YOGANEST's Boutique & Studio universe, open in July 2021! A complete experience for yoginis and yogis and also a place where anyone can treat herself or himself well.

Trainings & Retreats

March 2023
Formation complète de Sonothérapeute - Académie Sonore (François Schneeberger) - Cudrefin, Suisse
October 2022
Atelier Pure sounds - Académie Sonore (François Schneeberger) - Switzerland
August 2022
Multi-Instrumental Sound Healing Training Module 1 50hrs (Intro to sacred sound and voice sound journey) - Sound Healing Bali (Shervin Boloorian) - Ubud, Bali
Juin 2022
Soin Vapa Kaia - Académie Sonore (François Schneeberger) - Switzerland
January 2020
Advanced Yin yoga TT in Anatomy and fascia study 32hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - Berlin
November 2019
Yoga Tune Up® Breath & Bliss Immersion - Ottawa
August 2019
Paul Grilley - Yin yoga, the Functional approach - E-Training
May 2019
MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) 8 weeks program - Geneva
April 2019
7-days silent meditation & yoga retreat - Mandali centre - Italy
March 2019
Anatomy Trains in Motion Tom Myers - London
November 2018
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training 70hrs - New-York
August 2018
Roll Model® Method – The Science of Rolling / Ball sequencing & innovation – Yoga Tune Up® - Dublin
June 2018
Restorative Yoga Level 2 TT30hrs - ATYoga (Adeline Tien) – Como Shambhala Singapore
October 2017
Restorative Yoga Level 1 TT30hrs - ATYoga (Adeline Tien) – Como Shambhala Singapore
September 2017
Yoga for Pre-Teens TT25hrs - Creative Yogis (Karen Wightman) – Pure Yoga Singapore
March 2017
Yin yoga module 3 Acupressure & Lower limbs anatomy TT 50hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) – Como Shambhala Singapore
January 2017
Yoga Therapy TT 30hrs - Pure Yoga (Arun Rana) Singapore
August 2016
Yin yoga module 2 Spine anatomy & MFR TT 30hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - True Yoga Singapore
November 2015
Vipassana 11 days silent meditation retreat - Dhama Malaya Malaysia
July 2015
Yin yoga module 1 Hips anatomy & TCM TT 30hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - Cologne Germany
May 2015
Vinyasa yoga Master immersion 50hrs - Pure Yoga (Copper Crow) Singapore
November 2014
Yin, Yang and Insight meditation TT 100hrs - Insight Yoga Institute (Sarah Powers) - Koh Samui Thailand
April 2014
Advanced TT 45hrs - Bryceyoga (Briohny Smith) - Pure Yoga Singapore
October - December 2013
Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga TT 200hrs & Ashtanga yoga practice & Sutras TT 60hrs - Tirisula Singapore
Workshops with
Nelson Chong FTI (Dual Zone Myofascial Release Levels 1 & 2, 2017-2018), Beta Lisboa & Sai Calder (Yin Fascial Yoga, 2018), Ross Rayburn (Therapeutics, 2018), Teresa Richard (Yoga Nidra, 2017), Laruga Glaser (Ashtanga, 2016)