A Danish-born, globally conscious brand


Moonchild Yoga Wear was founded by a female entrepreneur, Louise Wang Nielsen, in Denmark in 2015. Louise practices yoga daily and decided to combine her studies in fashion design with her passion for the practice. Also committed to protecting the planet, it was only natural that she decided to create an eco-responsible and ethical brand. Moonchild Yoga Wear is women’s yoga clothing, mats and accessories (bricks, blocks, non-slip socks) made from natural and ecological materials.

The founder decided to fully integrate her environmental and social values in creating Moonchild Yoga Wear. The raw materials used to manufacture the brand’s products are either organic (organic cotton) or recycled (polyester made from plastic waste). The choice of these responsible fabrics not only reduces the waste produced, but also limits the amount of water consumed in their manufacture.

The brand has recently expanded and now also offers yoga mats. Again, special care has been taken to find an environmentally friendly production facility. The materials used include natural rubber and eco-friendly polyurethane to create biodegradable yoga mats.

The brand’s environmental commitments go further as even the labels on the garments are made from recycled paper that can be planted in the earth.

Moonchild Yoga Wear is also committed to social responsibility, as the companies the brand works with are strictly selected. Each stage of production can be monitored to ensure that it complies with the brand’s principles.

Part of the profits made by Moonchild Yoga Wear are donated to charities, particularly those active in education and women’s causes.

Each piece is then tested by Louise and her team of yoginis and yogis for quality and comfort in yoga practice. The products are put to the test in a real-life situation, during a yoga session, to ensure that they are perfect, that practitioners can receive all the benefits of yoga without hindrance.

And if all these commitments aren’t enough to convince you, Moonchild Yoga Wear’s products are also very aesthetic. Feminine, simple and comfortable cuts to allow you to practice yoga in all serenity. The colours of the leggings, tank tops, crop tops, t-shirts and bras are particularly pleasing, inspired by the colours of Scandinavian nature.

Louise is a yoga practitioner herself, so her pieces are primarily designed for yoga. However, all the garments have also been tested for other sports activities such as fitness or pilates. The incomparable comfort of the pieces also invites you to wear them for a meditation session, to relax at home or for any other moment of the day.


Why we love this brand


The commitments and values of the Moonchild Yoga Wear brand directly resonated with Laurence’s vision of a responsible e-commerce shop. We particularly appreciate the efforts made to produce raw materials with a low environmental impact.

A large part of the clothes offered by the brand are made in Portugal, which adds a local dimension with these 100% European productions.

Secondly, it is of course in practice that Moonchild Yoga Wear has seduced Laurence. Each piece brings an incomparable comfort to yoga sessions. These are ethical clothes in which you feel good, the cuts, shapes and fabrics are designed to make you forget they exist. The brand’s credo is to design products that offer freedom of movement, flexibility and a second skin feel.

At the yoga studio, we have tried them in all sorts of activities: “yin” styles of yoga (yin, nidra, restorative yoga), dynamic “yang” yoga (hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga), aerial yoga (fly yoga), Iyengar, Kundalini, stretching, breathing exercises (pranayama),… and we have never been disappointed. The asanas (yoga postures in Sanskrit) are fluid, you never feel constrained by the clothing. You can enjoy all the benefits of yoga in total relaxation.

For Laurence, who regularly practices the “yin yoga” form of yoga (alternating with other more dynamic and muscular practices) and who teaches this discipline, wearing comfortable clothes helps to let go, to relax the body and mind, to concentrate solely on breathing, stretching the body, its posture, and feelings of well-being.

The materials are soft, light and breathable. Laurence has even gotten into the habit of wearing certain pieces in her daily life because they are so comfortable and beautiful. The colours are chosen with great taste and it is always difficult to decide between the palette available. We love the minimalist style of the pieces which makes it easy to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

The range of eco-friendly yoga mats is equally satisfying. The materials used are very non-slip, easy to carry and pleasant to use. The natural rubber makes it easy to move around without slipping. We can only recommend them for yoga or any other form of sports activity!