Hatha Yoga has its roots in ancient Indian yoga. This practice is ideal for building a solid foundation of yoga, knowing your postures and safely improving body awareness and movement.
"Hatha" means "vigorous," this term is generally used to refer to a yoga focused on asanas (postures that work on stretching and strengthening muscles) and pranayama (breath control exercices).

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga means "yoga of tenacity" in Sanskrit. It is the traditional yoga and the most commonly practiced yoga style in the West. It aims to balance energies, body and mind through specific physical postures (asanas) and controlled, meditative breathing techniques (pranayamas). It is a non-flow (non vinyasa) style that promotes strength, flexibility and balance. A short meditation practice can be introduced to deepen body awareness.
The meaning of the term Hatha is made up of two words "Ha" which means Sun and "tha" which means moon. These two elements are as opposed as they are complementary. One explanation is therefore that, through physical exercise, Hatha Yoga aims to unite and harmonize your two Yang and Yin energies in order to stabilise your mind and spirit.

What is a Hatha Yoga session like?

Hatha Yoga is a muscularly active, invigorating and energizing discipline which is however practiced slowly, unlike Vinyasa yoga styles (Flow, Ashtanga ...). Each posture is held for several breaths and sometimes several minutes in order to enhance awareness and concentration.
If you are new to Hatha Yoga, it is important to be supervised by a yoga teacher in order to fully understand the postures. You will be guided according to your history and your body type.
Each session lasts between 1h and 1h30, you will practice different postures more or less "complex" according to your experience. Classes based on levels are sometimes offered (for example from beginner to advanced), but most teachers will prefer to accommodate mixed groups and explain variations. Often, the session begins and ends with a part of meditation and relaxation, accompanied by breathing exercises.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga

- Improves blood and energy circulation
- Increases the mobility of your joints and your flexibility
- Reduces stress and helps release tension
- Promotes concentration and self-awareness
- Relieves back pain and shoulder tension
- Tones the muscles
- Strengthens the immune system
- Increases breathing capacity and allows better use of the breath
- Improves digestion
- Stimulates the endocrine system and hormone balance
- Balances your nervous system
- Overall boosts your physical condition
- Awakens your well-being and allows you to redirect your vital energy

Who is Hatha Yoga for?

Contrary to popular beliefs, Yoga does not require much flexibility or great balance, it will allow you to develop them and Hatha Yoga is a practice open to all, regardless of " level "and age. This is the ideal style of yoga to start with, it will allow you to discover the different yoga postures and to practice the work of breathing and relaxation. It will then accompany you for decades as multiple modifications will be suggested.
Practicing yoga allows you to achieve greater mindfulness in your body and mind, will help you let go and create more serenity within you.

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