A technique still uncommon in Switzerland, Myofascial Self-massage is a physical activity that will allow you to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, combat stiffness and relax muscles in all parts of the body.

Practicing self-massage by using massage balls and the weight of your body, you will find a physical and mental well-being. Digestive disorders, back pain, migraines, stress, ... can be improved or even disappear thanks to the work of stretching and softening the fascial tissues.

What is Myofascial Self-massage?

Myofascial Self-Massage is a simple and effective practice that allows you to take charge of your own well-being by using Yoga Tune Up® balls to massage, knead and stretch your muscles and connective tissues (fasciae, tendons and ligaments).

Fasciae are membranes found throughout the body. They are rich in collagen and elastin and help bind muscles, bones, organs, nerves, etc. When the fasciae are relaxed and healthy, the body is agile and movement is fluid. The level of health of our fasciae also influences our flexibility and our physical performance.

Over time but also when one is exposed to a large dose of stress, trauma or prolonged bad posture, these connective tissues tend to suffer from stiffness, to lose their flexibility and their hydration. This leads to adhesions between several layers of fascia which themselves generate a lot of inconvenience: more painful muscles, loss of mobility and flexibility, cramps, increased risk of injury, impaired blood circulation, digestive disorders ,. ..

Since the fascias weave a network present throughout the body, it is not uncommon for the pain you experience to actually take root elsewhere. When you have back pain, for example, it may actually be the result of fascia located in your hips. This notion of interconnection between all parts of the body is important in pain management.

Fortunately, solutions exist to relax the fascia. Myofascial self-massage is one of them and learning it could prevent you from going to your physiotherapist or osteopath or limit the number of visits.

What are the benefits of self-massage?

The techniques practiced (according to the Roll Model Method®) reduce or relieve your pain, improve your posture, reduce your stress level, increase mobility and flexibility. your joints, release tension in your muscles and improve your athletic performance.

Thus, you will deeply free the points or areas of your body that have been used excessively, insufficiently or inappropriately. This practice will provide you with a lot of relaxation and a deep massage effect through targeted stretching, in addition to regulating your respiratory system, balancing your parasympathetic nervous system and increasing your mental focus.

How does a self-massage session work?

Laurence is currently one of the few certified Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method instructors in Switzerland. She will guide you in this practice with a coherent, pleasant and efficient sequence, adapting to the priority expectations of the participants. Each session will be different as we will be able to work on the whole body, from toes to head, identifying and releasing areas of tension or sensitivity.

The practice can for example be targeted towards a reduction of points of tension, the relaxation of the shoulders and neck to counter our prolonged sitting situations and our intensive use of screens, the gain of performance in a sports activity or stimulation of the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system to improve our relaxation, digestion and better manage our stress in challenging situations.

Working with therapy balls can seem strange when you've never tried. Yoga Tune Up balls are specially designed to be soft in contact with the skin. They are both flexible and resistant to pressure so as to be effective while respecting our tissues and creating no unnecessary pain. Depending on your initial situation, you may feel some stiffness the day after the self-massage session. However, your body will quickly - often immediately - feel lighter, softer and relaxed.

Who are the self-massage courses for?

They are suitable for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and take care of their body, with the exception of pregnant women, however, until postpartum recovery is complete. In case of doubt related to a medical condition, please consult your doctor and ask for his authorization.

Myofascial self-massage is aimed in particular at sportswomen and sportsmen as well as athletes who wish to acquire a technique of preparation for sport or to foster faster muscle recovery. it is great as well for those who want to avoid injuries and optimise their sports practice.

These courses are also ideal for each of us who needs to release accumulated tensions or chronic pain, especially if suffering related to back pain. Self-massage very effectively relieves joint pain associated with a static posture when working seated for example. It is a moment of relaxation, loosening and well-being for your body which will also be of great benefit to your mind.

No yoga experience is required, beginners are welcome and massage balls will be loaned to you for this session.