Meditation, a practice that is more and more popular, takes on its full meaning in our hyper-connected society, which no longer leaves time to focus on one's own well-being. Letting go, relaxing, calming the body and mind are concepts that are sometimes difficult to achieve because our pace of life is so hectic.

When you want to regain your inner calm, learn to better manage your stress, meditation is a very effective technique. A real breath of fresh air in a daily life at 100 per hour, meditation only takes a few minutes and it allows you to feel its benefits for hours.

Who are the meditation sessions for?

Meditation sessions is suitable and open to all. Whether you want to start a meditation practice or revitalize it, you are a beginner or a convinced practitioner, you are welcome. No prior knowledge is necessary to follow these sessions.

Meditation is particularly indicated for anxious people, who tend to stress easily, to overreact in challenging situations or prone to anxiety. Thanks to meditation, they will be able to find a feeling of more serenity and calm down their mind.

Discovering meditation will also be beneficial for those who have gone through a difficult period (bereavement, illness, burn-out, etc.) and who are looking to rediscover positive feelings in their life. It will also be very appropriate if you experience conflicts in your interactions with others or with yourself. If you have chronic illness or pain. Or if you simply want to settle down, center yourself and stimulate your inspiration.

Each and everyone will find in the practice of meditation its share of benefits: freeing the mind, living in full harmony with one's mind and body, finding serenity, boosting concentration, efficiency, creativity.

What can we learn from these courses?

During practice, you will learn simple and accessible techniques, easily reproducible in your daily life. Different meditation techniques exist. Here you will be guided as per Vipassana Meditation and the MBSR Mindfulness approaches.

Vipassana is an ancestral meditation from India and practiced by Buddhist monks, which can however be followed without any engagement to Buddhist beliefs. During the session, the goal is to focus on the present moment. This allows you to refocus on your inner self, to concentrate on your feelings, emotions and thoughts. This practice helps to reduce tensions and to transform negative thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation (MBSR) is all about welcoming the present moment without judgment. Rather than judging one's emotions, sensations, thoughts, mindfulness offers to observe and accept them as they present themselves. This practice can then be applied in his everyday life. Daily difficulties seem less overwhelming thanks to discovering and acknowledging our recurrent reaction patterns.

The state of mindfulness can be defined as being open to the world, both inside (feelings, consciousness, motivations) and outside (one's environment, the events that occur, the things that surround us).

In Meditation session, we also sometimes practice Pranayamas. The term "Pranayama" refers to a series of breathing exercises, fundamental in the practice of yoga, specially designed to meet the needs of the body and maintain good health. The main purpose of their practice is to calm the thought process, which is especially helpful before sitting down for meditation. Breath is indeed an integral part of the journey towards relaxation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

At the beginning of your practice, it is important to learn "how" to meditate. Once the good meditation techniques have been adopted, a regular practice can be established in his daily life. A few minutes a day is enough. On a cushion, a chair, a yoga mat. On the train, at the office, at home. With relaxation music or not. Meditation can be practiced anywhere, whenever you feel the need. The beneficial effects of meditation will soon bring changes in your life.

Indeed, people who regularly practice meditation can attest to this. This practice makes it possible to fight against stress, to find inner peace and mental calm, to achieve serenity.

Meditation also helps you learn to manage your breathing. A well-controlled breath can, in any situation, bring us back to the present moment, to the here and now.