Yoga Tune Up


Health and well-being at the heart of self-massage balls

Yoga Tune Up has developed a therapeutic method, inspired by traditional yoga. It is a mixture of yoga, corrective exercises, self-massage and breathing exercises. The aim of this new form of therapeutic fitness is to improve the overall wellbeing of the person doing it. 

Built around three pillars – pain, posture and performance – the Yoga Tune Up method has the following goals:

  • Eliminate pain,
  • Improve body posture,
  • Increase physical performance.

Some parts of our body are either overused, misused or under activated. This results in sore areas, loss of mobility, increased stress and less overall well-being.

Yoga Tune Up sessions mix dynamic and static movements that allow for a better perception of one’s body, a more attentive listening to one’s physiological sensations and a control of one’s physical performance. 

The Yoga Tune Up brand has therefore developed its own accessories that complement this novel method. Self-massage balls specially developed to increase the benefits of the movements.

They are made of a material designed to have a very good grip with the body. They can thus “cling” to the skin to allow a deep massage of the different skin layers, muscles and tension points. 

Different sizes and densities of balls allow the benefits to be concentrated on all areas of the body. Even the hardest to reach areas such as the neck or nape of the neck can be treated with the wide range offered by the brand. Some balls, the smaller ones, even provide the sensation of a physiotherapist’s or physiotherapist’s thumbs working with acupressure to unblock trigger points.

Yoga Tune Up is the perfect solution for people looking for a way to eliminate long-standing aches and pains, ease recurring tension and feel better about their bodies in a simple, safe and effective way.

Self-massage classes are particularly recommended for people who suffer from back pain or chronic pain, digestive problems, poor blood circulation, frequent aches and pains after physical exertion. For people who want to get back to gentle physical activity, who often stay in a static position (sitting work) for a long time, the Yoga Tune Up method is also totally suitable.


Why we love this brand

In her journey as a yoga teacher, Laurence quickly became interested in the benefits of self-massage. After training in the technique and receiving several certifications in the United States, Laurence is now happy to be able to pass on this still little known method in Europe. She regularly teaches myofascial self-massage classes in different studios (stretching the fascia through massages performed by means of pressure of one’s own body on balls).

Convinced of the benefits of self-massage balls, she also incorporates them into some Yin yoga sessions to increase their benefits. The balls are used to massage deep muscles and joints through stretching exercises. Physical performance is improved and faster muscle recovery is possible. Self-massage relieves pain, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, releases tension. 

Yoga Tune Up self-massage balls are part of the Yoga Nest e-shop’s assortment, as they are, in our opinion, the best accessories of their kind available on the market. The material used for their manufacture is very pleasant on the skin, both soft and gripping. All parts of the body can be treated, depending on the model of ball used: lower back, hips, calves, thighs, heels, neck, wrists,…

This proven method is recommended for everyone, whether or not they practice sports. Self-massage is contraindicated for pregnant or post-partum women. Please ask for your doctor’s advice if you have any doubts about your medical condition.